piezoelectric bone surgery

If you are a candidate for dental bone surgery, your dentist may use ultrasound to cut. This ultrasound technology is known as Piezoelectric Bone Surgery.

Dentists have been using ultrasound in their practices for many years to assist in the removal of plaque and other dental procedures and surgeries. The technology for the use of ultrasound is constantly advancing and in recent years ultrasound technology has expanded in the area of dental bone surgery.

Reason for Ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used in many dental and medical procedures as it provides a better tool for surgeons and practitioners to achieve the best results. Ultrasound used in surgeries, for example, allows for sharp, clean cuts to tissues that result in less bleeding and a faster healing time for patients.

This is significant for dentists who perform dental procedures that require cutting into bone, including extractions, dental implants, bone grafts and contouring, ridge expansions, crown lengthening, periodontal therapy, orthodontic microsurgery, and endodontic surgeries.

How Ultrasound Works

In Piezoelectric Bone Surgery, an ultrasonic frequency is generated by pushing an electric current over piezoceramic rings. Their movement results in a vibration that is sent through an amplifier that yields the ultrasonic frequency.

How this Benefits You

Sure that sounds very technical, but the end result is an ultrasound that is capable of cutting into bone in small areas with minimally invasive, clean cuts. These clean cuts mean that your dentist can cut with greater precision than ever before and for you that means:

  • Less time in surgery
  • Safer than older, more intrusive methods
  • Less bleeding and less damage to surrounding tissues or bone
  • Faster healing time
  • Less stress

The equipment used by your dentist in a Piezoelectric Bone Surgery procedure looks much the same as equipment that you’ve probably already seen. There will be a hand held device that fits comfortably in your dentist’s hand so that it can be maneuvered easily to the space in your mouth where the dental surgery will occur.

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