Gum Disease Risk Assessment

In our practice, we strive to provide our patients with optimal oral health.  We are focused on preventing or limiting periodontal (gum) disease, and dedicated to identifying and treating disease early, when the pain and costs associated with treatment are much less.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), "Significant associations between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, preterm low birth weight, and osteoporosis have been discovered, bridging the once-wide gap between medicine and dentistry." 

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below so that we can assess your individual risk for gum disease and tailor our treatment recommendations to your specific needs.

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Reference - American Dental Association (ADA): 20% never floss; 40% 1x per day

Reference - Centers for Disease Control (CDC): 47% of Americans age 30+ have periodontal disease; 70% of Americans age 65+ have periodontal disease

Reference - CDC: 34% of Americans age 40+ have tooth loss

Reference - CDC: Hypertension: 29% of population; Heart Disease: 11% overall, 48% women: 46% men

Reference - CDC: 30% of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes; age 45-64: 17% have diabetes; age 65+: 25%

Reference - CDC: Tobacco use and smoking or any kind doubles the risk of periodontal disease